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Windows Web HostingWindows server hosting regards websites hosted at Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 internet Information Server, for short IIS. It is mainly an NT server installed in addition with Microsoft windows server edition, such as XP or windows 2003 web hosting. It is recognized as a very powerful end to end management, reliability features and scalability, thus it is highly popular because its integration of business with internet. Windows 2003 server hosting is the option to choose if you want to use Microsoft applications as ASP-Active Server Pages, or you wanted or already developed your website with Microsoft Front page. In the same way, if your site was created with .net or Visual Basic Script or MS index server, windows website hosting is again the right choice for you. Regarding database, MS SQL is compatible with all hosting environment, but MS Access database works only with windows website hosting.

Advantages of Windows Hosting

The most important advantage of windows hosting plans is the fact that all Microsoft applications are easily incorporated into the system. As Microsoft products are widely used, millions of people can be easily assisted through servers running windows. You are also able to incorporate ASP and Java Script cross browser script libraries. Actually, certain features like ODBC data base connectivity and Coldfusion will work only with windows web hosting and might not adequately work with other operating systems.

Regarding the costs, windows 2003 hosting is considered an expensive one, due to its proprietary software and the usage of Microsoft servers. Yet, using the remote server is quite affordable and highly competitive compared with the cost of UNIX or Linux hosting. Actually, for the very good performance and the fast services of Microsoft application offered by windows 200 hosting, the small additional expenditure is worth while. It is the best possible option for your website’s integration with Microsoft products. Despite the fact that cost a lot more than UNIX hosting, the advantages of the integration of Microsoft products are far more valuable than the extra cost you have to pay.

Web hosting is a more and more profitable business which results in the constant growth of reseller hosting. Windows hosting reseller has more advantages than the resellers of other operating systems, as it has a lot more options to offer to the customers compared to other web hosts.
The reseller of windows web hosting can track numerous clients with a single control panel, plus you also have PHP and MY SQL CMS – Control Management System with and SQL website.

When you run your servers on windows, there are countless Microsoft applications available for your customers as they are all supported and incorporated without problems on your servers. Customers have the ability to use Active Server Pages and various other Microsoft applications in the design of their websites. You can also use several new tools, such as Active Sync technology or Windows Mobile. Other new technology that can be used with windows servers are Push and Sharepoint. For data management and data analysis you have the popular MS Access or the very reliable SQL server relational database system, known as RDMS. Several leading companies acknowledge that SQL servers are without any doubts the most reliable data base management systems, as these servers were used and recognized by top level management companies in the world.

Customers can use .net – Dot Net and VB Visual Basic web development tools and also the Microsoft Active Directory Technology facility. The other excellent feature of servers running on windows is their ability to host websites on Unix based system. Currently, windows hosting is available in all hosting services that are out there, allowing you to have managed windows hosting with all server activities managed by your web host, and still owning the server with full control over it, but avoiding the exhausting server maintenance work.

Shared windows hosting is also available, which is preferable for people with personal or small business websites, because the resources are shared and the hosting will not be able to manage very heavy traffic on any of the shared websites or to offer huge data storage space for large websites. As all websites share the same single server, they are all affected by each other’s aspects. For big companies or very large business organizations there is the option of windows dedicated hosting, allowing total control over server by the owner, because they own the server. Windows dedicated server hosting is better for companies with huge amount of data on their website and with very heavy traffic. As dedicated server hosts just one website, all the available resources such as disk space, bandwidth or RAM are used by the same one website, leading to a smoother and more reliable performance. Customers can also choose windows media hosting and windows vps hosting.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows vps hosting is suitable for customers that need dedicated server because of their huge data on their website or heavy traffic, but they can’t afford having one. With vps servers customers get full privacy regarding their hosting accounts, while their website is not affected by any way by other sites on the same server. In fact, it is an advanced shared hosting with superior services. The physical resources are still shared, but each client has separate account with full control of all the options of his server, just like in the case of dedicated server. However, its main advantage lies in its cost effectiveness. You can have vps server with reasonable costs with all the facilities of a dedicated server.

There are numerous companies offering different web hosting solutions which might help your windows reselling business. You can enjoy superior security, improved stability and speed with these servers. Windows 2003 hosting has established itself as one of the best on the market with its high capacity server operating systems and features. Besides these amazing features you can enjoy cheap windows hosting and still benefit of all outstanding facilities. Cheap windows web hosting is suitable for people worried about the cost of their hosting services but still want certain good hosting facility. For the best windows hosting you have to first determine your requirements and the needed software, and only then you can proceed to hosting according to your personal requirements.

These amazing features are also accompanied with some minor problems in windows hosting in terms of reselling business, such as the fact that windows based applications require license. The license requirement makes this hosting more costly as the Linux based hosting services. Linux web hosting has a greater stability and doesn’t need as much rebooting as the servers running on windows servers.

There is also another main advantage of this service as far as the better scalability factors concerns. It easily allows clients to upgrade their web hosting in case their business greatly expands. It is also a great choice for reselling business as windows hosting is extremely compatible with Linux hosting tools. Windows based web hosting is also a better choice to run interactive applications, such as chat tools. New horizons of technology have opened with mobile applications and also various tools have been launched for this purpose. Various other applications are accessible and compatible without any problems with windows website hosting, being the main reason of its popularity among web hosts and server managers all around the world. It is also your best possible choice to run numerous Microsoft applications in their best possible way.

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