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What is Database Hosting?

Those who are in need of a server which is designed for database intensive use will need to use database hosting.  The server is simply routing most of its resources into handling the database requests and other database functions with database hosting.  Database hosting naturally requires a larger amount of random access memory also known as RAM to perform the high strain functions available on the server.

Mostly, database hosting is intended for websites that need to use options such as Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning or other types of custom software that will be very intensive in terms of memory usage.   The additional RAM that is available on these memory intensive servers helps to increase speed and reliability of the server and applications running on the server as well.

Database servers are able to perform the normal functions of most other server types and can be used for a variety of different things.  The main difference between a normal server and one used for database hosting is the larger amount of RAM that is available, which is often higher to enhance performance.  The database is set as a priority function of the database hosting plans and is set to be most useful to the server when processing new entries and data access to the database on the server.

Database hosting will be available to handle database files which can span megabytes to even gigabytes of information within a single database.  The hosting option for this allows the maximum amount of power towards the database access and can help to lower the time that the query for information takes down to mere milliseconds.  This allows the databases to be used at high speeds and efficiency for whichever reasons it is needed for.  Large websites can have millions of entries in a database while others can have many times more than that.

The process of database hosting upkeep will require a much larger amount of administration work.  Unlike a traditional dedicated server, management of administration tasks to keep the database hosting on the server working correctly will require tasks such as optimization of tables.  Other forms of database specific tasks will be handled by administrative processes as well to ensure that the database is up to date and working efficiently.
Managed systems are possible with database hosting which makes the process of patching and ensuring reliability part of the web host's responsibility.  This is the most efficient option for a business or website owner that only has time and capabilities of running other portions of the administration that are less complex with the server.  These managed systems are not available with all database hosts.

Database hosting is ideal for websites that will be running software of some sort that will be dealing with database entries in some way.  The dedicated servers are meant to have more power to run these types of applications on the server to ensure that processing takes the minimal amount of time for high efficiency.

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