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Websites are in fact placed on computers running around the clock, computers known as servers. Such servers include special programs to respond to calls from the internet with each of them having its own distinct IP address, which is formed of four numbers separated by dots. These IP addresses are used to determine the location of any given website on the internet.

Cheap Web Hosting - Sharing the same server.

Shared hosting plan include a server or computer shared by several websites as a source. Different places are allotted to various websites, but all of them reside and share the resources of one server or computer system. In the case of shared web hosting all websites offered the same amount of disk space, bandwidth and IP address. The administrators of shared host check monthly that every website gets the same disk space and allocated bandwidth. Any disproportionate use by any website is penalized; some of them are closed while others are placed back to their limits depending on each case. Web hosts are conducting these checks to offer proper and adequate services to every single client of such shared hosting.

Different operating systems operate on different servers. You can choose linux shared hosting if you have Linux operating system, or you might go for shared linux web hosting for a lower price. You might also go for windows shared hosting if that meets your requirements. Overall, cheap shared web hosting has something to offer for any client based on their own requirements. It is recommended to read the available shared hosting reviews prior of signing up for shared hosting with any company. As there are numerous offers to select from and you want the best possible shared hosting, you should perform some search to find out about the various aspects and types – for instance reseller shared hosting – to get the best offer on the market, according to your own needs.

There are certain risks with shared server hosting, as the servers used in shared hosting have to face a high daily traffic coming from different sites through just one server. When there is excessive traffic on one server it will work at a much lower speed because of the heavy load. If you are expecting high traffic on your site, you should opt for dedicated server to get rid of any possible problems. Various activities on any given website sharing the same server will affect the overall performance of the entire server. It is similar to the domino effect, for instance if a website runs a corrupted or banned script, all the residing websites on the same server will face the circumstances, because they are all sharing the same IP address.
In most cases, shared web hosting service is cheaper than other hosting service, as the same server and resources are shared by numerous websites, thus making shared hosting cheaper a lot more affordable. Prices for shared website hosting start as low as $2 per month. However, to fulfill your requirements you have to perform a detailed search on these companies to choose the right one for your website that are suitable for your needs. If you have little knowledge in web hosting it might be hard for you to understand all hosting technical terms. There are numerous websites offering various web hosting packages. You might also come across such terms as dedicated servers or dedicated hosting, which are right for large websites with huge traffic. Shared web hosting service is generally for smaller business owners as it can’t properly handle heavy traffic. Another aspect is the effect of other site’s wrong deeds that make unsuitable for large websites.

Virtual web hosting is another type of shared web hosting, which is basically a mixture of virtual and shared server. It is in fact a great number of virtual servers in one single computer system you are paying for. In the case of a virtual private server, you will be paying more than the standard shared hosting plan. It is still an affordable option, while a dedicated server hosting plan is one of the most expensive plans.
It is obvious that shared website hosting is the most reasonable priced plan to opt for. It might even cost you less than $10 per month, even with some additional features including free domain name. In fact, shared hosting plans are the cheapest ones to select from and there a great variety of available website offering plenty of options to choose from.

It might be difficult to find the best shared hosting as there are numerous options to choose from. Numerous people get disappointed by the very low cost packages offered by some web hosting companies, because they failed to properly analyze the company and encountered various problems after they have signed up for the service. Nevertheless, it is not that difficult to locate a reliable shared web hosting service, but it does require a certain amount of effort and time to find a real bargain.

There are certain main aspects that need to be taken in consideration and also check with your web hosting service provider before signing up with any of them. You must check the available features prior of signing up for their service, as it is useless to join if you are allowed to perform the needed tasks. Some companies offer limited packages, allowing only one site per account. On the other hand, there are several shared web hosting companies allowing you to host as many websites as you want on one account, most of them without any additional charges.
It is also important to check the uptime of your websites, meaning the amount of time your website is active and accessible online. No service provider can guarantee 100% uptime, but it should be around nineties. In case the uptime for any server is below that, it is not recommended to choose their services.

It is also advisable to check the customer and technical support of the company before signing up with them. As you are facing problems in your web sites it can be very frustrating that there is no one to listen to your problems. This facility has no extra charge, as it must be included in your standard package.

You find numerous companies offering unlimited space and bandwidth for as much websites as you need. It might seem that your site will be able to handle heavy traffic on these shared servers, but in fact it is not the case and there are many aspects you have to be aware of before making your decision. An essential factor is the resource usage and in most cases such shared web hosting services will not include these details.
There are three main aspects taken in consideration regarding resource usage in shared hosting plan.

The first is the CPU usage, as it is the most important factor in the process of delivering content to the user. In the case of a blog or forum with huge amount of data, your site will need more CPU usage, and if there are too many sites hosted on the server, it will substantially slow down the respond speed. Quite frequently hosting providers will then suspend sites using up too much CPU processing.

The second most important aspect is the RAM. Usually, shared web hosting service providers can’t tell you the amount of RAM allocated for your usage, because they are hosting just too many sites on the same server. However, RAM can be also responsible for slowing down the access to your websites.

The next important aspect is the connection of MySQL database, which is place your website is residing. As a content of a website is requested by a user, the query is linked to the data base and the results are displayed to the viewer through the internet. But, if the data base is overloaded there are high chances that it will run out of available resources.

So, prior of opting for any shared web hosting, make sure to check all the above aspects to get the best possible package for your website.

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