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Note: A good alternative for SEO hosting is a VPS server. Purchasing a virtual private server, you will have much more resources available than on a shared server, plus many companies allows you to add multiple IP addresses (C class) to your account. So this way you will be able to create as many accounts you want, and each will be on a different IP address.

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SEO Web Hosting is a new hosting solution that offer multiple IP’s for your websites using multiple name servers. Depend on your account complexity, you can use as many name servers and IP as you want.
The SEO web hosting revolutionize the marketing strategies offering for their customers multiple name servers for multiple domains, from the same account. The SEO hosting plans, like any other web hosting plan can be shared, managed dedicated and unmanaged dedicated, so does not matter if you are running a small business website or you need high resources for your website, SEO hosting can offer all you need.

Quick Guide for SEO friendly web hosting

Seo Web HostingIf you plan to run an internet marketing campaign, search engine position is essential for your website. Before you proceed, the very first thing you need to do is to have a SEO friendly web hosting service that you can rely on in terms of search engine traffic to sell various products and services through your website. There are several features you have to consider when choosing a host, while there are countless providers out there on the market. In order to get a SEO friendly web hosting service, below is a guideline to help you out.

First, you have to think of your target audience based on geographic feature, if your website visitors are coming from all around the world or from specific regional areas. Basically, this refers to the place where your target audience lives. This is an important issue of your web hosting selection, as it will establish whether you are long for a higher rank in a regional or international index. For instance, of your website product market mainly targets on and within Shanghai, China, it is highly recommended to finish your site with addresses within China. Thus, your site will be listed significantly in the Chinese regional search indexes, such as or BaiDu. You have to consider these aspects when selecting a web hosting service because if you choose a hosting provider according to its location or country, it is more probable to obtain a higher regional index. It is why it should be your primary concern.

Secondly, verify the type of IP addresses they have in their offer. You might consider unaffordable a dedicated server, but if you choose a shared web hosting, it is recommended to go for one with a dedicated IP. In terms of search engine optimization, it might have an influence. As a SEO expert you might be aware that a devoted IP can have a negative effect on Google ranking. It is why, when possible, choose a shared web hosting with a dedicated IP address.

Thirdly, establish your requirements for the programming language and database, as MySQL database, PHP or FTP clients are vital for your website building. Consider all the features a host could offer, such as Perl CGI-BIN, htaccess or SSI, as they influence the reliability of your website.
Fourthly, the very last thing you would want is your website visitors to find a site that cannot be accessed. Thus, it is important to choose a superior uptime guarantee, not less than 99.9%, otherwise you will jeopardize your credibility and reputation and in the end it will negatively influence your website sales. Perform a detailed research and find out if they have any redundant connections to reduce the chances of your website being down. Web hosting provider with redundant resources means if any of the standard Internet connections are down, another alternative internet connection will take its place.

In the end, generally, a professional customer support is a must have component of any type of service. Yu might face problems if you are hosted by a provider without proper customer and technical assistance. The fact is, that regardless if you are an expert or a newbie in the web hosting industry, you need to have a web host with a proper customer remedy system. Various options, such as tickets system, web based knowledge base, email, live chat and toll free telephone should be available 24/7. Check their reply time, as a quick answer is expected when problems occur. Such things as disk space, bandwidth or price are among the aspects you should pay attention to. Keeps an anticipated increase regarding disk space and bandwidth according to the future development of your website. Try to search and find out what you are actually paying for.

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