MODx Web Hosting

MODx Web HostingMODx hosting is a fairly new type of niche hosting with support for the MODx software. Although it is frequently referred to as a content management system, its capabilities turn MODx into much more than an average CMS.

Unlike other systems, MODx offers wide support for AJAX and host features that will help you make the most out of your search engine optimization efforts. As an open-source tool based on the PHP application framework, MODx basically gets rid of all limitations and enables you to build websites fully in accordance with your preferences. This can be achieved by using HTML, Javascript, CSS and various other supported technologies.

MODx Hosting Features

In terms of features, MODx is among the best of them, exceeding many others, due to the fact that its varied framework is compatible with numerous rising web technologies and offers flexibility to create personalized applications. Some of the most significant features of a MODx hosting plan include:

  1. Web 2.0 Ready – MODx is the first free of charge PHP-based CMS with an API offering complete support for AJAX programming, a highly powerful technology of the Web 2.0. era. While certain programs restrict you to just one Javascript library, this system gives you the ability to choose jQuery, ExtJS, Mootools or any library that you want. You will also be able to leverage AJAX to apply live search, special effects and various other advanced features into your current websites.
  2. Matchless SEO-Friendliness – MODx hosting is more likely the most SEO attractive of any available CMS web hosting solution. There is no reason to worry about installing new modules, because it lets you make user-friendly URLs just out of the box. Nevertheless, you can enhance your SEO efforts with the use of a supported add-on, Strict URLs, which enables you to personalize and rewrite URLs. Plus, the system makes it simple to edit your metadata on a site-wide or per-page basis.
  3. Custom Content – the MODx software all the standard content types, just like any other CMS programs. The main difference is that it allows you to create personalized content types for enlarging your offerings. The built-in MODx Documents feature is great to convert style sheets, images and Javascript applications into different documents, such as XML, Word or PDF.
  4. User-friendly Text Editors – MODx hosting has only TinyMCE for a faster download and install, but it supports several other text editors. The popular FCKeditor tool is also supported, while compatibility for other editors will also be available in the near future.
  5. Cross-Browser Solution – one of the main disadvantages of several open-source CMS products is their failure to function flawlessly in multiple web browsers. Well, it is not the case with MODx, because your site can be managed from all the main browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. All you need is internet connection, to add and make edits to your website from virtually any place in the world.
  6. Requirements for MODx Hosting

Just like with any other CMS solutions, there are certain requirements to consider when looking for a MODx hosting plan. Most importantly, you need a web server with PHP programming language installed, along with MySQL database. The web server might be Microsoft IIS, Apache, Zeus, Lighttpd or Nginx. It is supported by such operating systems as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

These requirements provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of the platform of your choice. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the product’s developer has certain recommendations you need to take in account in order to get the best performance. These include the use of the most recent versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache, plus the PHP settings and extensions, including PDO, SOAP or Freetype.

The most vital thing is to keep in mind the developer’s recommendation of running the software on a virtual private server or dedicated server, an aspect that could highly influence your selection of MODx hosting solution.

MODx is a content management tool with lots of features supporting more new web technologies than nearly any other type of CMS. It is the main reason of its huge popularity among developers. However, new users might find it quite overwhelming because of its numerous and complex features and options. Thus, it is important to establish your needs and compare them to your technical skills when deciding if MODx hosting is suitable for you.

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