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Things You Need to Know About Managed Hosting

Leasing a dedicated server will give you the needed control and flexibility to establish your online presence, but it is also a great responsibility. The general maintenance of keeping up the server, executing OS upgrades and kernel patches and providing security 24/7 are such overpowering challenges that numerous users are just prepared to handle.

You have way exceeded the capacity of the shared hosting platform, but you don’t have the time or the skills to manage a dedicated server. So, what can you do? A suitable and practical solution would be managed hosting.

Managed hosting is developed to offer you the advantages of a dedicated server, but without the complexities of it. You still have full control and the flexibility to personalize the server as you want, as well as the needed scalability to expand your business without problems. The extra managed services give more value to this service and it is frequently the main selling point of such solution.

Why Go for Managed Hosting?

If you don’t have the proper server management skills or an available IT staff that does, managed hosting is the best possible option for you. Some of the main benefits associated with this type of service include:

Active Server Monitoring – A managed server provider will keep an eye on your dedicated server 24/4 to ensure its stability and proper functionality. This feature alone is highly valuable for business not having the time or resources to properly monitor their server. Monitoring is a great help for technicians to quickly spot performance issues and solve them at once before they turn into a major problem.

Software Installation and System Updates – One of the main advantages of managed hosting is the existence of a provider that installs the needed software and regularly updates the system. Updates are crucial as outdated software might leave your server extremely vulnerable to a wide range of security threats. Plus, in case you need to include different technologies into your hosting environment, your service provider can make the software installations to provide the required functionality.

A Piece of Mind – A good managed hosting solution can get rid of all your worries, as you don’t have to worry about system failure or any other problems that might cause a downtime. For instance, in the case of a hardware failure, you know that your service provider is handling the situation and working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Types of Managed Hosting

One of the most important aspects to consider fro managed hosting is establishing the level of service you need. Based on your skill level and IT resources, you might only need a couple of selected services and thus help you save money. However, if you have deficiencies in the abovementioned areas, you might need all the available managed services. Below are the most frequent types of managed hosting available on the market today.

Fully Managed – As it derives from its name, a fully managed solution gives you complete support for your server. The included features of this option are server monitoring, software installation, updates and full server administration. As it is a wide-ranging support, this is the most expensive type of managed hosting.

Semi Managed – This option will save you some money as it provides you with select features and you have to on your own some of the administrative processes. With such a solution you need to know what type of services are provided prior of signing up with the provider.

Self Managed – Also called unmanaged, self managed hosting refers to the basic service you are provided by a dedicated server provider.

Evidently, this option requires adequate knowledge of server administration and involves a great deal of responsibility. Even if certain managed services are provided, you are generally required to manage most of these responsibilities yourself.

Managed hosting is an excellent choice if you have to outsource the difficult technical aspects of your server, but still keeping a suitable level of control and flexibility. When you are absolutely sure of your requirements and that you choose a reliable provider, this might be the best decision you have ever made for your online business.

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