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Today, we all have certain knowledge about websites and regularly surf the internet, but only a few people are aware of the complexities involved in the creation and managing of these websites. Several systems are required to run the websites and one of them is Linux based web hosting. The people involved in the websites system, in particular in the design and coding are known as webmasters. Linux hosting software is the right one for their usage as it is extremely appropriate for programming languages such as perl, Phyton and PHP. As we are dealing with an open source operating system you can synchronize and modify the properties of the operating system according to your needs, which makes it great for web servers. Another great advantage of linux operating system is the cheap linux hosting, which is very popular among large companies and organizations, but also among people running their websites online. You can also use numerous outsourced additional tools with this operating system, resulting in a website according to your own demands.

Linux Servers with a higher security

Linux hosting plans are famous for their security features. As we all know, security is an important issue today and linux hosting plan gives you excellent facilities in this area. The security features can offer you security from viruses, intrusions and worms from various third parties. Due to these excellent security values you will probably have superior website performance. A linux hosting provider can guarantee almost no downtime for your website. In the beginning, the use of linux domain hosting was rather difficult because the operating system itself was a very complex one and was difficult to use. In time it become user-friendly and today even newbie webmasters can use it. In the past it was used only by computer professionals, but now it is widely used by almost everyone in the IT industry. Along with the user-friendly features no compromises were made regarding the quality of the services and actually, the operating system has a superior control and more stability in its system. It is the main reason why along with the large companies it started to be used by home computers too.

As time passed by, there have been several changes in the Linux system, which has the quality of running several processes simultaneously without any problems. With such guarantee and proven stability, the operating system is widely used in numerous web hosting purposes. Its excellent performance fulfill all your requirements in terms of web hosting, while with its cheap rate you’ll have outstanding performance with minimal budget.
Let’s see what is behind the success of linux server hosting compared to the others. It is obvious that anyone who wants to have data or business online needs a website and thus the demand for websites massively increased in the past few years. There is also an obvious need of web host to run these websites.

In time, web hosting has advanced from some small pages created in HTML with only a few images to dynamic pages. Today, we can see entirely automated web applications able to purchase products or services on the internet, cooperate with other website owners and perform several other things on the internet. The tendency of incorporating your business with internet has quickly grown and that idea lead to the appearance of numerous new technologies for websites, such as ASP, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET and so on. These new options gave a lot of web hosting options and today HTML based web sites adequately perform on both HTML and Linux platforms.

The web hosting platforms offer web hosting various operating systems. The most commonly used and known operating systems for web hosting are Microsoft Widnows and Redhat Linux. Each of the operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, linux website hosting is getting more and more popular compared to windows hosting and there are reasons for this tendency.

The Linux platform is created with the work and effort of several IT companies and it is the result of community based efforts. With the assistance of such companies as Red Hat, Mandrake or Suse, Linux is now the preferred choice of many individuals and IT business professionals. With such history of community development services and open source feature of the system, Linux become powerful, secure, better and cheap in time.
Cost effectiveness is an important factor in the current context of global recession. Companies were constantly looking at the cost but without having to compromise the quality and security of web hosting system. All main web technologies work great with Linux, except ASP and, while the free distribution of MYSQL, PERL and PHP has greatly cut down the cost of linux website hosting.

There are numerous hosting services available today and you can opt for one that suits the best your requirements. Linux has different hosting services and you can take advantage of linux dedicated server hosting which is best for companies with huge websites, a great amount of data and very heavy traffic on their website. Because with a dedicated server a complete server serves your website and you benefit of all the resources of the system, it is more expensive as the other web hosting services. Companies or people with small websites for personal purposes or for small business purposes must choose linux shared hosting because of its cost effectiveness. As it offers space for several websites on the same computer or server, the websites have to share the available resources, such as disk space, bandwidth or RAM and it is not recommended for large websites or large companies to use shared hosting. Another issue with shared hosting is the fact that if any of the websites on the server is affected, all the other sites are also damaged and affected, so this hosting service involves certain security risks.

An advanced shared hosting is the linux virtual hosting, where the physical resources are still shared but with distinct accounts for all users. Thus, one website will not affect the rest of the websites in the case of virus contaminations or malicious hacker attacks. Linux vps hosting is also better for customers who do not have enough money for dedicated server but still need full control over their server for they to run their website according to their requirements.

Linux web hosting server is also more secure against viruses, hacker attacks and spamming. It is because Linux is strong and has a constantly changing nature and also because it has numerous cost effective software ready for software protection on Linux platform.

There are several advantages of using linux hosting services and one of them is the stability and strength of best linux hosting. It is commonly recognized that Linux and UNIX are the most stable operating systems out there. Basically, any website with linux web hosting should have an uptime of nearly 99.9%. Additionally, there are several other factors such as network administration skills, network load or power supply that have a great influence in the maintenance of the uptime of any website.

There is no cost involved with Linux operating system as it is entirely free of charge or you have to pay a very low price for distribution. It also offers you full server and desktop applications which are free with operating system. Many server applications such as web server, DNS server, FTP or file server are free of charge and yet have outstanding stability. Linux reseller hosting is also highly popular among customers and hosts because of its long term stability.
Linux operating system is extremely user-friendly and it is easy to use linux hosting software. The uploading and hosting process is pretty much the same at both windows and linux. Linux server hosting is a suitable and helpful option for webmasters in terms of technical and monitory aspects and it is the main reason for its great popularity in such a short time.

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