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Date: 13 January 2011

Name: Franky Pang

I wasted two days with this company. Following is the sum up of my experience:

1) My account had not been setup after 2 days. But they advertised as "instant activation".
2) Support ticket was not handled after posting negative feedback on their forum. The tickets were "in progress" for 12 hours. But they claimed they offer 24/7/365 support.
3) Customer support do not even review my account before replied my support request with canned answer and close my case.
4) Support hotline always busy and forced customer to leave voice mail.
5) My negative comment on their support forum (which they stated "feel free to write a testimonial to share your thoughts and experiences" was deleted.
6) Their staff keep telling me they could not refund me because their system has been changed to a new one. But everywhere in their website advertised "30-Day Money Back Guarantee".
7) They said above happened because their company was being acquired. But as customer, this is not my concerns, I only want the service I paid for. You can stop accept customer when you could not deliver your service.

Maybe I am unlucky enough, but I would not recommend this company.

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