HostGator Control Panel

The HostGator Control Panel is nothing but the most popular and widely used cPanel. The HostGator know how much cPanel should provide to its customer or user as still being an easy to use system. This is the main reason the opted to offer cPanel as the recommended HostGator Control Panel.

HostGator cPanel Hosting

The HostGator Control Panel offers clients a greater level of control over their web hosting experience.  With the help of the control panel or cPanel, the customers could control or manage their FTP accounts, web mail accounts, domain names and password. Customizing and updating to these features is made simple and easy for everybody with the help of the HostGator Control Panel

Clients who would like to know about the website visitors and hits to their sites would benefit with the help of this HostGator Control Panel. The HostGator Control Panel would provide website statistics and various other key logs. Such types of features are very essential for ecommerce and online business websites.  These website statistics would allow the customers to get information about how many visitors visited their website, which webpage they view the most of the time and which webpage they generally exit the website and lost more.

Control Panel Statistics

The HostGator Control Panel statistics offers information to the customers or business organization about how the visitors visit or arrive on their website. They would come to know whether they are coming from the links or visiting more often from the search engines. These website statistics are very important for everybody who requires greater level of web traffic to their site.

Customers could access several easy to install applications and scripts from the HostGator Control Panel. Most of these scripts could be gathered and installed within few minutes of time. Web hosting customers could simply add bulletin boards, shopping carts chat and several types of features to their business website or personal website. The procedure is very easy and simple with the HostGator Control Panel.

Fantastico Hosting

Customers could also access Fantastico wit the help of the HostGator control panel. Fantastico provides several types of easy to install scripts. Customers could simply access blog, forum applications and content management features. With the help of the HostGator cPanel, the customers could access the customer support via the Fantastico. They could then simply access the customer support or help center and submit support tickets.
HostGator control panel also allows the customers to access ecommerce features as well. Some of the most popular ecommerce features provided by the HostGator are Zen Cart, OS commerce and CubeCart. The control panel also helps the customer to manage FrontPage Extensions and MYSQL databases. HostGator Control Panel allows the customers to use all of these features with just few clicks of the mouse.

Website design templates and building applications are also offered with the HostGator Control panel. With the help of these tools, eve a beginner or new to the web building could create a beautiful website within a short period of time. The features found on the HostGator Control panel (particularly via Fantastico) will help anyone in making a beautiful website for publication.

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