Web Hosting Security Terms

The quest for a fine web hosting company can represent quite a challenge, as there are so many available options to choose from. Every single company claims to be the best, making you difficult to select from them. Before any decision is made, you should be aware that all features are useless if the web hosting service is not accompanied with top quality security. You have to make sure the company is able provide proper security for your website. Below are some of the main security features you should be looking for before making a decision.

How to protect your website's information?

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL – It is an encryption protocol providing security for your site’s communications, both incoming and outgoing. The incoming information, for instance credit card information, emails and addresses, is the most sensitive information which might be used by hackers to commit various frauds. This is why SSL is the top security feature. Even more, most online shoppers will not purchase any products or services form you if you have no SSL certificate displayed on your site.

File Transfer Protocol or FTP – Is a network security protocol assisting file transfer on internal and external networks. FTP is an essential security feature as it allows the webmaster to administer site accessibility and to send files in total security.

Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP – Is a superior FTP version offering much more than a common FTP, having a secure shell to transfer files online and between computers in a network. Committed business owners would definitely want their web host company to have this feature included in their security package.

Firewall – almost all web hosts are being protected by some kind of a firewall, but not all of them provide the ultimate user access to the management functions of the firewall. If you are committed to the security of your site, you should choose a web host that provides customer access to the setup of the site’s firewall.

Spam Filter – you might consider spam an annoyance, but numerous hackers use spam to send harmful viruses on your computer. Spam might cause phishing or password stealing, or even worse serious data loss produced by malicious software. Spam is a real threat not just for the security of your site and your computer, but it also eats up a lot of bandwidth and fills your inbox with unsolicited email messages. On the other hand an efficient spam filter will get rid of almost all possible problems caused by spam.

Distributed Denial-of Service (DDoS) Protection – DdoS attacks are well-known and frequent attacks carried out by hackers with access to several compromised computers. Such attacks are predominantly risky as they can compromise the full network of computers very quickly. Every single website on the server, yours included, will suffer serious damages. As a matter of fact, it is highly possible that the ultimate customer is the one who suffers the most by such attack. It is crucial for your web hosting service to have proper safety measures to effectively prevent such attacks.

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