Choosing the best blog hosting for WordPress

Today, for more and more the internet is a common part of their daily routine. Blogging and blogs are a popular choice for an increasing number of people. One of the reasons you are reading this article is because you are also planning your way into the world of blogging. In the past, most people just shared their opinions and ideas on their blog, but recently with the current fast development of internet marketing, people are inclined to use blogging in order to make money online. A popular blog with numerous constant followers can be a highly profitable activity. The next question that arises is how do I have a successful blog? Well, the answer is, step by step. The very first step is to find a good blog hosting provider helping you to create your own blog.

There are countless web hosting companies out there claiming to have outstanding services. But, how do you determine which one is best for you? This might be a difficult task for people with limited knowledge in terms of web hosting. However, there are certain aspects you have to pay attention to when selecting a blog hosting company.

What to look for in a blog hosting?

First, check the software to use for creating your blog. Popular blog systems include WordPress or b2evolution. My favorite is WordPress as it lets you customize your blog, thus making it unique. You need to make sure your hosting server accepts this blog software. There are some minimum requirements for hosting WordPress such as PHP 4.3 or higher, the mode_rewrite Apache module or MySQL 4.1.2 or higher. You should also check your hosting company has updated versions of these programs to eliminate the possibility of harmful attacks and viruses.

Another thing to keep in mind is the reliability of the blog hosting. For a successful blog your blog has to be always accessible to your online visitors. Perform a research checking their reliability and a good uptime guarantee prior of signing up with any of them. You should search for at least 99.9% uptime guarantee, as a reliable blog hosting company is very important for you to have a successful blog.

A web hosting with Linux operating system would be in your advantage as Linux platform is superior to other operating system, especially to Windows operating system. Linux is better in terms of lower cost, higher compatibility and user-friendliness. It is also important for the blog hosting to have an excellent customer support, so that any problems you might experience to be fixed in shortest possible time.

If you plan to make money from your blogging activity, it is even more important to start off with the right foot, meaning a good web hosting service. With a reliable and dependable host you can spend all your time blogging and not with solving various technical details.

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