Why Cheap hosting is not always the best choice

Cheap web hosting, like cheap wine and cheap perfume, has a bad reputation.  But is it really justified?  After all, everybody likes to save cash, and if you can get everything you need from a host at a bargain price, why shouldn’t you go for the cheapest hosting package you can find?  The answer, of course, lies in the question.  If you genuinely can get everything you need from a cheap hosting deal, then it would indeed be a bargain.  In reality, cheap hosting can be a false economy and an expensive mistake.

What are the main drawbacks of cheap hosting?

Out of date or obsolete servers

Some web hosts keep their costs low by keeping their old servers running longer than they should.  Not only are these older servers slower and more likely to crash, they’re more vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks.

Poor Customer Service

High quality customer service agents and technical support staff cost a lot of money to employ.  A cheap web host, therefore, is likely to outsource its support, or do away with it altogether.  In either case, the end result from your point of view is that if you have a problem, it will take a long time to get fixed, if it gets fixed at all.

Lack Of Web Space

It doesn’t matter how cheap your deal is, if you don’t have enough space to build your site, your hosting account is worthless.  Don’t just think in terms of initial allowances.  Remember your website is likely to grow, so you need to be sure that you can get as much disk space as you need when you need it.  Also beware of cheap web hosts who keep their costs down by overselling disk space.  This is a bit of a conjuring trick, as it relies on users not taking their full allowances.  Not only is this a vaguely unethical business practice, it could very easily come crashing down if people start to use all the


Cheap web hosts deal in quantity, not quality.  This is how they make their profits.  From your point of view, the limited bandwidth and disk space allowances on cheap hosting deals means that you could find yourself sharing server space with hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites.  Statistically, not all of them are going to be good neighbors.  This has a direct effect on your site.  Your neighbors might be sucking up server resources at an alarming rate, causing your site to run slow or to crash altogether.  More accounts on one server also mean a greater risk of virus infection spreading across that server.
Just like wine and perfume, web hosting is something that should never be chosen on price alone.  Do you really want to risk your time, money and reputation for the sake of a few dollars?

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