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For an online marketing campaign search engine placement is crucial for your website. That is why it is important to start with getting a reliable SEO friendly web hosting service to manage the search engine traffic selling products and services from your website. You need to consider numerous features in the web hosting selection process, as there are countless web hosting providers out there. Here are some basic guidelines for choosing a SEO friendly web hosting service.

The importance of web hosting in SEO

Start with identifying your target audience from the point of view of their geographic location. Your online visitors are coming from around the world or from specific regions or areas? Basically it refers to the place where your online visitors live. It is an essential question when selecting web hosting, as it will establish if you will go for a high placement in a regional or international index. For instance, if your niche is centered more on and within China, it is preferable to have a website carrying addresses within China. Thus, your website will mostly be listed in the Chinese area search indexes, such as Why is this important when you are selecting a web hosting service? Mainly, because is you are going for a hosting provider based on location it is more likely to get a superior regional index.
You should also check the available type of IP addresses. You might consider that your budget is not big enough for a dedicated hosting server, but if you select a shared web hosting, it is wise to select one with a dedicated IP, as it might have an impact on SEO.

Experienced SEO professional are aware that a devoted IP might harm your Google ranking. Thus, it is preferable to get a shared web hosting which has a dedicated IP address.
You should be familiar with the requirements for the database and programming language, as MySQL database, PHP or FTP clients are important in designing your website. You should consider all the features the host can offer, as perl CGI-BIN, htaccess or SSI directly concerns the reliability of your website.

More importantly, you do not want in any case for your online visitors not being able to access your website. That is why it is essential to choose a hosting with a superior uptime guarantee, preferable 99.9%. Remember, that your online reputation is in stake with a great impact on your online sales. Make sure your web host has redundant connections to eliminate the possibility of your website unavailability. Redundant connection means your web hosting company is prepared and when a usual internet connection is interrupted for some reason, another internet connection is available to step in.

Last, but not least, the importance of a professional customer service should not be overlooked. Your online business might experience problems if your hosting provider does not have a superior customer service and technical assistance. You definitely need a web hosting company with excellent customer service. A proper customer support should include email, web based knowledge base or tickets system. A live chat and toll free telephone should also be available 24/7. Other aspects you should keep an eye on include bandwidth, available disk space and price. When looking at the available bandwidth and disk space, keep in mind the future development of your website. Make sure you are fully aware of what you get for your money.

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