GreenGeeks Uptime

Most likely one of the greatest features of GreenGeeks hosting is their outstanding 99.9% uptime guarantee. Uptime refers to the total amount of time that a server is operational in order to ensure that all customers can advantage of their experience with Green Geeks environmental-friendly web hosting service. The company reveals how they are capable of maintaining a 99.9% uptime for their system at all times.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

This particular uptime guarantee that GreenGeeks show off with is only applicable for the official Green Geeks servers that are operated by the main Green Geeks internet connection. GreenGeeks devotedly engage in partnerships with tier-1 resources in order to make sure their program is kept at a maximum uptime.

On the other hand, GreenGeeks is not responsible for any downtime you might experience resulted from your providers hardware or network failure. Any breakdown that occurs on your computer because of your network cannot be attributed to the GreenGeeks Corporation.

Green Geeks is also not responsible for any kind of service disruption that happens because of an error from your part. These errors include but are not limited to extreme spamming, aiming an attack on the GreenGeeks servers or the attempt of engaging in any other type of internet attack.

Green Geeks is aware that when a great number of customers overload a server at a given time, the server can suddenly break down. To make sure that none of their servers break down, Green Geeks gives up a part of their profits onto a server and add up additional space for customers to keep in securing that their websites are always up and running.

Every single server that Green Geeks uses is configured on a ten second monitoring system. This particular ten second monitoring system will automatically warn the personnel of Greek Geeks if a server were to break down. With this monitoring system any malfunctions that might occur that would result in the breakdown of a server can be repaired without any delays.

Every server that GreenGeeks uses is subject to real time monitoring. If a vicious script or client is the reason for the server failure within the GreenGeeks Corporation, the person’s account will be immediately suspended until the problem can be solved. Clients identified as misusing the system will have their accounts terminated immediately.

If a server were to break down, GreenGeeks is equipped with a backup system that includes all of their customer’s website data. So, if a situation does occur and all the systems used by GreenGeeks were to break down, the backup system would instantly step in within a very short time.

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