GreenGeeks Unlimited Bandwidth and Space

It is rather difficult to find information on GreekGeeks bandwidth and connectivity providers. However, Green Geeks have live chat feature where you have the chance to talk to an experienced GreenGeek representative and thus you can find the information fairly easy.

To route their connections, they mainly use BGP4 routers, but are also using Cogent, abovenet and Saavis as well. If at some point your T-1 line or your SQL server goes down, Green Geeks uses an amazing technology to have you back up and running surprisingly quickly.

GreenGeeks has several GigE links routed through BGP4. In case one link you are on happens to go down, another available link will immediately takes it place for you to keep using the web hosting service. Additionally, in the account your are connecting from a faster routing system which runs at a considerably higher speed that Abovenet and Cogent, Green Geeks will use the faster routing system for you to make sure their web hosting services are according with your chosen and desired speed.

Unlimited Disk Space and Data Transfer from GreenGeeks

Perhaps, one of the greatest things offered by GreenGeeks is their unlimited disk space and bandwidth space for your website. It basically means that you have the chance for your site to be hosted with a lot of bandwidth space and disk space.

Singlehop is the main company managing all of Green Geeks servers for them. Green Geeks is certainly a web hosting company that has chosen a different way when it comes down to hosting websites. As it derives from their name, Green Geeks is a 300% green hosting company.

This specific web hosting service doesn’t just simply meets your web hosting needs for your website but in the same time we are talking about an environmental friendly hosting network. Green Geeks certainly has a great advantage as far as environmentally aware companies concerns.

GreenGeeks uses energy efficient servers, so they are not just providing excellent web hosting for your websites. They also present their constant preoccupation and admiration for the environment. Undoubtedly, analyzing this hosting site in comparison with other online web hosting sites, Green Geek is undeniably a company that has taken a positive step in the right direction.

With their unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and energy efficient servers, plus the amazing connectivity providers, Green Geek is without doubt proving to be most important pioneer in the web hosting area.

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