GreenGeeks Servers

You might have probably heard of the buzz around the Green Geeks web hosting company. The most intriguing thing about this web hosting company has to be without any doubts their environmental-friendly policy regarding web hosting. All Green Geeks servers are operated by wind powered turbines, thus getting rid of energy waste.

300% Wind Energy Powered Servers

Wind power is considered a renewable energy supply which is indeed in the benefit of the environment. The company's servers don't look like any other standard servers that are powered from a regular electrical power source. Green Geeks owner, Trey Gardener claims that he came up with the solution to power his huge servers by wind power when he witnessed discussions about computer servers turning into a significant polluter just in the same way as the air transportation industry will be by the year 2020.

The Corporation uses a highly energy efficient Intel dual quad core Xeon processor and every single server of them are equipped with 8GB of DDR 3 memory. As the industry standard regarding server’s memory is generally roughly 4-6GB, it is obvious that the company has a great advantage in front of their competition in this area as well.

GreenGeeks servers are also using 100Mpbs connections to Cisco and Juniper switches as well which are all routed to Juniper edge routers. The parts put into service to manufacture these wind powered servers for the Green Geeks company use trade name components for best possible performance for customers.

The best quality servers were put in service for Green Geeks to run exactly as the owner of the company Trey Gardener considered fit. The servers are equipped with Raid-10 storage for best performance as well as with BGP$ gigabit connectivity linking to several fiber GigE tier 1 backbones.

The servers used by Green Geeks well exceed the industry standards. These servers allow your download and upload speeds to be executed 9x faster than with any other web hosting company's servers. Even more, their servers require 18% less operating power.

If we take in account that all servers you are using with the Green Geeks environmental-friendly web hosting company are operated by wind powered turbines, Green Geeks definitely presents itself as the best possible option to select when you are looking for a web hosting company.

Industry standards for servers state that the servers are required to store an adamant amount of information. Nevertheless, as it is revealed in various reports, this hosting company has definitely went beyond the standard server's capacities and they are constantly searching for other ways to enhance their servers to deliver the best possible services to their customers.

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