GreenGeeks Security

When you are looking to choose a web hosting company, one of the things you want to be sure of is the fact that various security protocols are taken so that their private data and information remains confidential. Green Geeks applies specific security measures to make sure that all private information you provide them are kept confidential.

Specific Security Measures

GreenGeeks applies specific security measures in order to avoid the loss or misuse and modification of your information while these are under the control of the hosting company. In all cases when you are deciding to buy a hosting plan from Green Geeks you are forwarded to a secured server using secure socket layer encryption technology.

The security software will encrypt the sensitive data regarding your credit card information and any other private information entered into the system. The special encryption is places into a code that makes sure no person is able to access your information.

GreenGeeks treats your personal information with the highest respect and under no circumstances will share your information with any third parties. Besides the special encryption data that is being used when you enter your information, all GreenGeeks servers within their datacenter are constantly monitored 24/7.

The entire staff at the GreenGeeks company is only permitted to enter the rooms containing the servers through biometric systems. Similarly, there are explicit key data entry systems implemented to make absolutely sure that the servers storing your information are safe and secured.

Biometric machines functions in a way that a certain part of the body, for instance a hand or a finger needs to be scanned by a computer to ensure that the person accessing the facility containing the Green Geeks servers have indeed access to the area.

The security of your private data is the main priority to the staff at GreenGeeks. Absolutely no information of yours will be shared without your prior knowledge, and any sensitive information, including your credit card numbers or other similar things will be asked only within a secure server environment.

All the adequate security protocols are highly regarded with the Green Geeks hosting company. Furthermore, if you even come across any problems regarding the security measures taken by Green Geeks, their live customer service representatives are only one click away.

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