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Green Geeks is a company that prides itself to offer an environmentally-friendly web hosting service. All servers used by Green Geeks to store information in uses wind power energy and thus they are not wasting any energy. Currently, Green Geeks is considered a leading company in terms of green web hosting. This particular company has certainly started a positive trend among the other web hosting sites on the market today.

Nevertheless, no matter how wonderful it is that GreenGeeks is a web hosting site that operates their company on the principle of doing things in a manner not to damage the environment, most people who are looking for a web hosting company are more interested in the ranks given by others to the company. Naturally, customer reviews are very important when is referring to web hosting companies and other companies that have website services in their offer.

GreenGeeks is a good hosting provider?

When you consider all the web hosting companies present today on the net, all claiming to be the best web hosting company, it is more than intriguing to find out the actual truth about these companies. By searching around the net for different ratings and ranks for GreenGeeks we have come across some rather amazing numbers.

In fact, numerous review sites have ranked GreenGeek as the top website hosting company. At the same time, a few other sites having GreenGeek in their top 10 mark, have listed the company roughly at the 6 or 7 ranking area.

As well all know, basically any ranking in the top 10 for web hosting is believed to be excellent. With such a ranking that constantly places it in the top 10 lists of big review sites, Green Geek is surely demonstrating that it is a site that plans to be here for a long time.

GreenGeeks Alexa Ranking is a page rank 5. Taking in consideration the huge number of web hosting sites available on the market, this ranking score is just amazing. GreenGeeks has been around in this business since 2006, and till now there have not been very much complaints stemming from people who have decided to use their hosting services.

With such ranking numbers that continue to maintain their position in the top 10 percentile in the large web hosting reviewing sites, Green Geeks certainly looks like an excellent web hosting service. The features offered along with your website are astonishing as they offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.

GreenGeeks has already ranked number one in the customer’s preference and this a general truth for most of the people who are actively using this eco-friendly web hosting service.

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