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MySQL is classified as a relational database management system that includes over eleven million different installations. The original program runs as a big server allowing multi-user access to more than just one database at a time.

Unlimited MySQL Databases with GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks uses unlimited MySQL databases, but in order to fully understand all the outstanding features offered by these databases, you need to know in details what MySQL is all about.

MySQL has become a widespread database that is frequently used in numerous free software projects. The reason why GreenGeeks use this particular database is because it really helps them for their business to maintain a fully-featured database management system. The system makes it very simple the process of building and editing your current website that is hosted by GreenGeeks without any problems.

MySQL has several software, such as WordPress or phBB directly incorporated into its database. GreenGeeks uses these functions to transform your website building process into the simplest task to complete.

With the GreenGeeks databases you can fully benefit of the free web site builders that guides you step by step throughout the entire website building process. You have a wide range of extremely user-friendly scripts at your disposal to create blogs, perform content management or to set up various shopping carts or any other necessities a business website should require at some point.

Other significant features include different billing systems, project management tools or image galleries. Nevertheless, don’t get the wrong impression about it, as Green Geeks also have plenty of features for skilled webmasters as well. Thus, you have access to use PHP, Python, CGI/Perl or Ruby on Rails.

Webmasters with a great of experience in building and creating websites are able to access their account through FTP and Secure Shell. Such web site building applications as FrontPage or Dreamweaver offer Green Geeks the chance to support even the most complex website that were created.

GreenGeeks certainly has a database fully capable to offer support for newbie website builders, but also for those who are in the website building business for a long time. There are numerous things you can do with your own website and Green Geeks is there for you letting your imagination take you wherever you want.

The unlimited MySQL databases are just one of the many advantages you get when to decide to get your web hosting need through Green Geeks web hosting service. The other features you are offered include for instance, unlimited data transfers and unlimited domains on each and every account registered with Green Geeks.

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