GreenGeeks Control Panel

The control panel of each and every website is the place you will spend the most of your time. Green Geeks uses cPanel for the control usage of their customers. cPanel is one of the most largely used control panels on the market for web hosting sites. Numerous people claim that this specific control panel is highly easy to use.

GreenGeeks and cPanel, a perfect combination

cPanel is a standard web hosting control panel, based on unix. This particular control panel comes with a graphical interface and plus it includes several automation tools as well. The automation tools are used to make things easier in the process of hosting a website.

The cPanel control panel is configured on a 3 tire structure, which offers the best possible functionality for administrators, for people in the reselling hosting service business and for end-user website owners who are looking to be in control over specific aspects of their website through a basic web browser.

cPanel is developed to work for instance with a dedicated server, which is fact the case of Green Geeks web hosting service and their energy efficient servers work in such manner to support their control panel. cPanel will also run on a virtual private server as well, without any problems.

The GreenGeeks cPanel includes a Fantastico script library, which offers you access to different features such as numerous shopping carts, Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress functions. Besides these, the scripts incorporate several other things as well.

Nevertheless, maybe the most interesting thing about this control panel is the fact that there are wealth of one click installations you can select to use along with your web hosting to make your website stand out of the crowd. The GreenGeeks cPanel also includes not one, but two totally free template website builders.

These website builders are just perfect for people who want a website but have absolutely no idea what are the first steps of the building process. These templates will help you get through the basic step by step procedures to eventually turn your online presence into a magnificent one.

A lot of people, even if they have almost no clue on how to build a website have the chance to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge about the building process of a website, if they stick to the templates offered by Green Geeks. These templates are offered to you absolutely for free and are extremely user-friendly, giving you the possibility to have your site up and running in no time.

GreenGeeks control panel features everything a new business owner, entrepreneur or anyone else who is just looking to build their own website could ever need.

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