Google Web Hosting

Google is well known as the best search engine, but most of us didn’t know about other Google services. Google provides many free services like: email, web hosting, image hosting, video hosting, document hosting, analytics, document hosting, and much more…

Google Web Hosting

Google Website Hosting allows you to set up nice looking web pages, upload all your content and images in on place and control who can access your pages. Like all Google applications, Google Sites is very easy to use and it’s perfect for anyone looking for a simple and easy to use site builder. Here is a demo website which we have created to show you how a google page will look like:

Google Email Service is a very professional and free email service, easy to use and has lots of features. With gmail you will get a free email address, lot of disk space where you can store your contacts and emails, can send and receive unlimited emails, collect contacts from other email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or other webmail or POP3 accounts. Google Mail allows you to add POP3 emails and check incoming emails right from your google account and send mail from other addresses. It’s a great alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Google Image Hosting enables to their users to create photo albums and upload images. This application is a very good option for those who want to share pictures with friends or family. Picasaweb is a free image storing service, easy to use and it’s really fast; high resolution pictures are loading in just few seconds.

Google Video Hosting

If you want to share videos with other people from your life or travel, or you are using video marketing to advertise your website and products, is the perfect choice to host your video files. Youtube is a free video hosting service, owned by Google, which allows their users to upload video files. It is a great option for both personal and business use.

Google Document Hosting

Want to put all your documents and files in one place? allows you to upload and manage your files and access them anytime from anywhere. This great service enables to their users to share documents with others and it can be used for free.

Google Analytics

One of the best website traffic analysis, recommended by many online business owners and webmasters is Google Analytics. is a free service which allows you can track as many websites you want, and create full reports about each website. With Google Analytics you can get lots of reports of your sites like: site usage, traffic source, visitor’s overview via graphics, keywords tracking, and map overlay for country and territory tracking, and lots of other reports.

Google Services and their alternatives

However Google is one of the best companies around, some of their services can’t be used for a professional website. To create a good image of your business, you have to invest some money and find some good alternatives to some of the free services.
Google sites do not allow to host a WordPress blog or a Joomla CMS, so if you want to use a script, it will not work with this service. Neither you nor can not use a domain name, like or a professional business email, like info@

Youtube and Google Analytics are highly recommended for both, personal and business websites. Many businesses rely and the accuricity of G. Analytics and many companies are advertising their products using video marketing through Youtube services.

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