FatCow Reliability

Generally, most of the people who are looking for hosting services look for the minimal downtime, value for your money as well as good customer service. Luckily, there are some of the amazing areas, which FatCow is well known for.

Uptime Statistics of FatCow:

It is common for all the FatCow clients to rave ninety nine percent uptime of their sites. As you are connected to the multiple GB connections with the load balancing in your servers, you will be assured to have no downtime at all. Additionally, FatCow will also ensure that will provide backup of all your data. Therefore, there are no chances of loosing the content and data from your website when you are working with FatCow.

Most of the people who are using the services of FatCow appreciate this, as this is the main purpose of hiring the company. It is also very important for the businesses to provide their service most of the time the customers. Therefore, if your business is working with a reliable web hosting company like FatCow, then it is reliable for the customers.

Technical Support and Customer Service:

After some time, you will come across some common problems in your website. However, you do not have to worry about anything as FatCow will answer all your questions and help you to deal easily with it.
The first support you obtain will be from the comprehensive knowledge base, which the company is providing for everyone. However, if you are not able to find what you are searching for, you will be able to contact FatCow’s technical support staff easily via their toll free numbers. You also have an option to talk to them with the help of live chat. Sending a mail to the company will also help you to find all the necessary information on your questions. FatCow staffs are very helpful and pleasant. Therefore, it will not be an inconvenience or hassle for the customers to call them any time.

Another thing, which most of the clients appreciate about the services of FatCow is their availability of system notices boards. If you have this service at your hand, you will be notified when any type of setting up is happening in your website.

Best Value for the Money:

All the businesses are very conscious of their expenditure. Return of the investments is always measured in all the businesses. This is one of the main reasons, why most of the businesses love the services offered by FatCow. The hosting plans provided by this company are affordable for any start up companies and small businesses. The features that come with the package offered by FatCow are quite comprehensive. Therefore, everyone will get the value for the money they have invested for obtaining the services.

The company is also giving a chance for the business owners to market their website for a minimum time. As you will have the web analytics in your hand, you also have an option to measure the performance of your website marketing.

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