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When you will view or compare the multiple features offered by the different web hosting companies in various plans, there is one that most of the potential customers look for. This is known as the FTP Access. Ask any user of friendly FatCow Moo team if the FTP Access will be provided in exclusive, �one plan – one price’ deal. Most of them will tell yes because of the amazing services provided by the company.

However, before getting into this, you should first know what is FTP and who the FTP users are. You should also try to know how FatCow FTP would help you to build your site. The below mentioned content will provide answers for all these questions.

Know More about FTP

File Transfer Protocol, which is commonly known as FTP is a very useful feature, which will help the users to download as well as upload the files in a faster and simpler manner. This will also help the members of the public to login without the identification needs. However, it is wise to use “Anonymous” as your username. On the other hand, you will be able to use either any username as the password, or FTP provided by FatCow as your password.

FTP program provided by FatCow is mainly designed fro making the lives of the web host customers easier. For instance, if you are looking for an option to manage file transferring either from computer to server or computer to computer, you will be able to take the help of the FTP provided by FatCow for doing this in a very simple and quick manner.

Know more about the FTP users

FTP users are considered as the logins who are looking for FTP access to any assigned directories, which are available on various websites. If you are going for a �FTP-included’ plan, you primary user account will be set up automatically. Moreover, if your plans include FTP users, you also have an option to add other users. The FatCow Moo team is available 24x7 and ever ready. You will be able to contact them through email, chat or phone for getting the necessary assistance.

Building your Website with FatCow FTP

It is true. If you want to build and develop your website in the online domain, it is very important to have the right tools with you. FatCow FTP is also one such important as well as very useful tool that will help you in the development of your website. Moreover, if you are looking for an option to build and publicize your website successfully, FatCow FTP will be the best option for you. You just have to simply start using the file manager provided by use FatCow or other website building tools and programs of your choice.

There are three major benefits offered by FatCow FTP • Assigns a unique username and password to each user • Provides the option to add unlimited number of users • Transfers control to the customers with access to the specific subfolders by their additional or current users. Therefore, if you are creating or building your first website, it is quite imperative to have the right services provided by FatCow.

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