FatCow Experiences

FatCow is considered as one of the best web-hosting providers in the market today. They gained a lot of popularity due to their good service as well as simple but straightforward web hosting plans, which the company provides for their clients. Moreover, FatCow will also help you to own and run a website easily.

FatCow Hosting Packages

FatCow is offering two straightforward packages. For instance, if you are looking for an option to have a simple online presence, the MiniMoo provided by FatCow will be the best option for you. Just by spending five dollars, you will be able to start a domain name and also customized an email address.

Alternatively, if you are opting for the sixty six dollars per year package, the company will provide you all the website needs that start from shopping carts to blogs as well as galleries for your business. The easy to use website building tools provided by the company will surely come in handy. Certainly, most of the people are also appreciating the unlimited disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth offered by the company.

FatCow Customer Service:

FatCow is considered as one of the best web hosting service providers in the market. The fast and pleasant customer support provided by the company is also one of the main reasons for their popularity. Most of the other web hosting service providers that are operating in the market today will make you to wait for long time when you are looking for an option to talk with the customer service department. However, if you are doing the same with FatCow, you will be able to air out all your problems within a short time. You will be able to use toll free numbers of the company or through live chat. The staffs of the company will look on your queries as well as complaints and help you to resolve it within a short time.

To complement the flawless support provided by the company, the knowledge base library will be quite comprehensive. Therefore, at times, you will be able to find the answers for all your questions even without even talking to the custom support staffs.

FatCow Value for Your Money:

Apart from the normal web analytics services provided by other web hosting companies, FatCow is going a step further. They will give you a chance for trying the SEO tools in both Google and Yahoo for free. This will help you to understand how your website will be able to perform with the help of such advertisement options and promotional tools.

Overall, the service provided by FatCow is a comprehensive solution not only for the hosting needs, but also for the website building as well. It is providing an easy way for the small as well as medium sized businesses to enter the World Wide Web. Moreover, the company will also give you a taste of online marketing.

FatCow is also providing a website, which is up and run most of the time. With the minimal downtime, most f the businesses, which are working with this company, will truly get good value.

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