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When you are getting into the online domain, it is very important to have a unique domain name. Having a proper domain name will help you to sets your website as well as your email ID apart from the huge clutter of mentally hard-to-registering problems, confusions and hard-to-recall domain names, which floating on the internet today. Moreover, having a proper domain name is very important for your identity, and if you are coining it wisely, it will be able to project the core activities of your business.

Once you register with FatCow, you will be able to obtain a unique domain name. With the amazing services provided by FatCow, most of the users are able to enjoy easy and extremely fast processing. When you will register a domain name, you will be able to take the advantages of other domain management products, services as well as privileges provided by FatCow. Some of these services include:

  • Provision tools for customizing and controling the domain name with the Custom DNS Record provided by FatCow. Moreover, it is completely free for FatCow’s customers.
  • Domain Redirects, which is a product from FatCow available in packages of one and five Redirects
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Unlimited Domain Pointing
  • Registered Transfer
  • Automated Domain Renewal
  • Transfer of existing Domains
  • Unlimited Domains per account
  • Domain Privacy

Domain Management Service of FatCow

The Custom DNS Record of FatCow is a very useful product to customize and manage your DNS settings and domain name record. They are specially designed for matching the flexible aspects of the business. The Custom DNS Record will also help you to control the domain efficiently, as it will provide you a feature-packed set of tools as well as benefits including • Ability to create as well as point up to five Sub-domains to any IP address • Custom MX Records • Possibility to point the primary domains of the users to full domains according to their choice. Apart from these, there are also many other great service you can enjoy from the company.

FatCow Domain Redirect:

This product will help you to redirect specific or most of the traffic to your website to the destinations you choose. The Domain Redirect option provided by FatCow will work efficiently as well as come particularly handy if you are having a large number of domain names. Apart from domain names, you should also have equal places to direct them to. You will be able to do all these just with few clicks.

Other FatCow Services Include:

Registration of a New Domain: With the help of FatCow services, you will be able to give your business an impressive and a unique web address by reserving the domain name.
Below listed are the three advantages of FatCow domain registration:

  • Project a professional look for the website and businesses among targets.
  • Will help you to create a positive perception of the credibility as well as the reliability for your business
  • Make it convenient and easier for the visitors to register as well as recall your web address

There are also many other benefits of using FatCow Domains.

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