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Are you struggling to manage the existing database of your business? If so, you are probably in the right article. This happens because you will either have service of a wrong web hosting company or due to inefficient databases. It is not only you, millions of people around the world are facing the same problems. Although most of the individuals as well as small businesses have their official websites on the internet, most of them do not have the right skills and knowledge for learning the technical aspects, which will help them to set up the database. This is also a very common problem with the people who are using MySQ, which is considered as one of the most popular as well as widely used database to update web building and content.

This is also one of the main reasons for the growing number of small as well as medium-scale businesses on the internet. Most of them are entrusting their hosting requirements to the professional companies such as FatCow. The MySQL-phpMyAdmin database solution provided by FatCow is one of the big reasons for this. As many satisfied customers confirms, databases provided by Fatcow are really the intelligent alternative.

Databases offered by FatCow:

Fatcow servers usually run the MySQL version 5, which is also considered as the best and latest database tool available in the web hosting market today. They also come along with the phpMyAdmin, which is known as the most popular database management systems. This is making it as a winning combination for the people who are wishing to update the content as well as build their sites.

What is MySQL database?

This is a general question, which is asked by most of the web-based business owners, who are searching for professional web hosting companies. MySQL is a primary database tool, which is designed mainly for professional content updating as well as management. The process mainly uses SQL, which is also known as Structured Query Language. It is also considered as one of the most well known languages. When you are using such languages for your business, it is very important to process, access and add data in the database. Due to the unmatched reliability, compatibility and speed provided by the service in top operating system platforms, like Windows, UNIX and Macintosh, FatCow is offering nothing else than the MySQL databases for its customers.

What is phpMyAdmin?

This is also another often-asked question. phpMyAdmin is also a well known web-based database management system, which is chosen by FatCow. This type of admin server will permit users for performing different types of database administration as well as management tasks Some of them are:

  • Exporting the data into different formats
  • Managing the keys on fields, plus adding, editing as well as deleting the fields
  • Creating, dropping as well as altering the tables
  • Executing the SQL statements
  • Managing the privileges
  • Restoring as well as backing up of the databases
  • Querying the databases.

Today, most of the professional web hosting solutions is a very important part of web hosting packages as well as the services offered by the reputable web hosting companies.

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