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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Web HostingChoosing a dedicated server hosting, will need to know some things about them. The dedicated web hosting is on the top of the hosting service, considering the quality and the flexibility of the the account. This type of special hosting, give for their owner the possibility to choose the operation system on the server, also can choose the hardware configuration, customized script installation. These facilities are not available on shared web hosting.

A dedicated server is so special, because this have only one owner, it is not shared with oher websites like on shared hosting accounts. There are also included one ore more dedicated IP addresses.

If you have a website or only planing do make one, that need high performance servers, we recommend to try a VPS Hosting before, because it's cheaper, and after that you can easy transfer all your data to a dedicated server, if it's necessary.

What is a dedicated hosting, and when I need a dedicated server?

All the talk about web hosting can certainly get anybody confused. Can anyone honestly tell the difference between one hosting from another?  I seriously doubt it.
Several key issues are linked to hosting. Of course there is bandwidth, disk space, speed, the cost etc to consider but there are one sheer essential consideration about web hosting that is often overlooked, this component being the other websites being hosted on the same server.
You may be raising an eyebrow over the significance of this parameter but wait till you understand the impact it has on your business. Let me give you an analogy. If you were considering to reside in a particular locality, wouldn’t one of the main considerations be the essence of people you will actually live with in the neighborhood?  Wouldn’t a bad neighborhood make you want to turn away and look for another place to stay?
The same goes with web hosting. If you co-exist with other sites in a bad neighborhood, the repercussions may be the following:

Spam- Should someone hosted by your server decide to send out spam, your server could be in danger of being blacklisted thus even your mail could end up in the junk mail of the person you are sending it to or worse, it may never be received at all because of the aggressive spam filters existing today. Imagine all the important communications you send out that will never be received at all.
Search Engine- Sure enough, regardless of what your marketing strategy is, a noteworthy amount of your traffic will arise from search engines. Should other websites hosted by the same server you are in, be on the bad books of the search engine then your site, no matter how extensive your credentials are, could most possibly be undervalued as well especially so if you share the same IP address.

The consequences can go beyond our imagination. The possibilities may be even scarier if you go into the details of it. So knowing this, wouldn’t you want to find a solution to these existing problems from sharing a server? The solution is extremely straightforward.  It is to get dedicated web hosting. Dedicated hosting means you're the only client/website on the server, you can be assured that it would not be flooded by tons of spam mails nor would there be any concern about being blacklisted by a search engine. You can be assured that your site has a server dedicated to your website/s.

With dedicated web hosting, you have full control over which software you put in and the  programs you want to run. 
Naturally dedicated hosting has its high side, it does cost more. What you should do is weigh the pros and cons of choosing dedicated hosting over sharing a server with other sites. If you are particular in making sure that the communications you send are received by the person you are sending it to, then dedicated web hosting is the way to go. It is always good to be informed of the benefits of one over the other before you finally make that decision.

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