Benefits of a Content Management System

The benefits of Content Management system are infinite. A CMS (Content Management System, Content Management System) is a cutting edge application developed to create, edit, manage and publish various types of digital files. The advantages of content management are many. Within the most common ones:

  • Create portals and pages within the portals with ease.
  • Create modules within the pages to users' needs. (Forums, transmission of live video, live audio TRANSMISSION, photo albums, etc ...)
  • As is developed in ASP.NET, it allows the search engines find content more easily.
  • It is the most used in the world and has the largest community of users and Joomla CMS. You need to simply take care of the information you want to publish, since the system will manage all other technical and administrative details.

The advantage of CMS is its ease of use by inexperienced rookies or even by designers who have no idea how is the web programming, in operating the majority of these CMS has dynamic pages (PHP or ASP) showing information stored in a database, and have a panel for the administrator to add, modify and delete information.

Example: For us there are only three major CMS and deserve to be featured in the first place is Wordpress, is simple and very powerful. PHP-Nuke is large and serves to create portals for news and downloads, includes everything you might need a web site in addition to the ability to add modules for other functions. Joomla is one of the most impressive tools we have seen so far due to its great power and excellent organization takes the prize. Though it is easier to modify joomla php-nuke and some things are more complicated, it is certainly the most powerful tool that exists to create web pages and manage their content.

CMS Websites

There are many CMS options. Some examples include:

  • Drupal (PHP) Powerful CMS best known for the quality of your code and the security it provides is stable and continuous updating, simple configuration, installation, flexible, large amount of modules and themes, exceptional documentation and active community and very friendly, great concept node.
  • TYPO3 (PHP) CMS is a tool with multilevel structure, search engine management, content authoring and publishing, machinery use templates for page layout, Multilanguage. It is also a tool portal. It manages the personalization of the pages as the user identity. It is fully extensible by models. It has a very active community.

CMS for Forums

The main intention here is to provide easy, and opportunity to customize a tool to create communities. PHP / MySQL Forums System, using AJAX in much of the code base their work on a sense of the term "vanilla" software functional, simple, clean and nice (Short and sweet). There is support from developers and accessories. It is extremely customizable.

Finally but not least, LifeType is an open source platform for creating blogs that is ideal to create multiple blogs and users with a single installation. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for the database.

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