Speeding up Joomla websites

You can now combine style sheets and scripts and deal with your Speeding up Joomla websites goal. We consider the combination of style sheets in a single file whenever possible and should do the same for scripts. Combining files is more difficult when the scripts and stylesheets vary from page to page; the best time to make this decision is during the early development of the site.

Avoid background images

We just need to use background images when needed. For example, we use the properties of radio (radius border) to create rounded corners. Try to use CSS elements and properties to the style of content.

Eliminating duplication of HTTP requests

Make sure the scripts and style sheets are not called more than once. It is possible that jQuery is loaded more than once or different versions of the same script have been loaded on the same page.

Avoid external links to external content

Try to delete the connection to other servers to retrieve images; audio or video as each connection has to be performed to load external content only delays the final composition of the page. The use and abuse to submit the websites with extensions or scripts of "chat", "hosroscopos", "time" and many "resources" of third parties are not hosted on our own server are actually responsible for some of the time of delay in loading our website, use conscious will undoubtedly help to improve page loading. The ideal solution would not use them.

One technique that more consumption of bandwidth causes the Hot-linking is this being a problem we can address either from an optimal configuration of our htaccess file or from within the Administration Panel Hosting if it provides tools to combat.

Place on top styles

Style sheets must be included in the main section of the page. This makes the page load gradually allowing load faster. Moreover, you should use style sheets and external javascript. Instead of formatting with styles incorporated into HTML pages or elements, load the CSS and javascript files externally, or in separate files. The page will be cached by the browser on the first visit, so do not be discharged in successive visits unless clean the browser cache.

Simplify JavaScript and CSS

This is done by removing extra whitespace characters and files which certainly reduces the size of the downloaded files. Some tools that allow us to do this are:

  • CSS Tidy
  • Clean CSS
  • CSS Analyzer
  • CSS Compressor
  • CSS Optimizer

Optimizing images

When creating or editing images for your website, do not forget to save them in the correct format! If you use Photoshop, always save format for the web; you can also use other tools like smushit.com to optimize your images. Some formats only contribute to higher consumption of disk space on a server hosted and formats are often not well processed currently by some browsers. Knowing the appropriate MIME types is important to assure that all users can see good content available.
There are applications and scripts that allow that allow massively resize an image after being resized 2Mb go to have a weight of 200 to 300 kb without losing quality on the web. Note that increased consumption of housing space in most cases is determined by a misuse of the images we use in Web content.

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