Should I build my website with a CMS?

Content management systems for web are imperative. So next time you wonder: Should I build my website with a CMS? The answer is yes! A content management system is the best option for the maintenance of sites with a large volume of content.

Content is king

In a highly competitive market where content is king, keep your website updated and user friendly is essential. Make your workflow to be streamlined, and give yourself the opportunity to edit and publish your site with the best content management system for your business. For large volumes of content, static Web pages are a thing of the past. To succeed today you need a site to be updated frequently to promote their new products and latest services and competition can react quickly and efficiently.
That is, your company needs a site that is maintained through a content management system CMS. A content management system helps individuals or companies to create and modify the website’s content, with little or no technical knowledge. The range of CMS solutions on the market is very broad.

Although most content management systems share some basic characteristics, mainly:

  • The ability to edit and publish content via a browser or a computer application.
  • Change the layout of the pages using templates.
  • Provide access to multiple users.

Some can be bought directly from computer shops, while other systems must be configured to the particular needs of each client. For use, some require more technical knowledge than others. Some are generic in purpose, while others are specific solutions for specific industries.

Working for you

Sites that provide information from databases are now standard on the Internet, and content management systems use the same principle. The content management tools typically work in conjunction with a database that is used to store documents, text and images. Often there is also a workflow engine, which can distribute Web pages for review before publication.

The content management system is itself an interface to a database that allows authorized users to edit and publish new content. As in other dynamic features of Web site design is separated from content, designs that are stored in templates that can be modified by the designers in charge of the Website. When you add more content, a new Web page is created from a template, or fully dynamic site, the page is generated in real time at the moment the user is visiting the site.

Using a CMS eliminates many of the steps that are required in conventional development environments. The staff responsible for the website, you can add content to a website without writing a single line of code, so there is no need for a webmaster to intervene at the stage of publication. The method is commonly used to publish pages, is very familiar to even the less skilled Internet users. Note that an interface based on preset formats can be accessed through a standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, to edit and publish Web pages.

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