Do I need online backup solutions?

Do I need online backup solutions? The answer is yes. Let us analyze its advantages. Online-Backup is an alternative to traditional backup at best market price. It offers much more than a backup service on-line remote:

  • Automatic and continuous. Online backup is a backup without requiring intervention by the user, works constantly looking for new documents and changes to safeguard the ancient remotely.
  • Simplicity in the rate plan. The software agent free online backup, you can install on as many computers as you wish, you only pay for the amount of GB of storage under contract.
  • Backup of open files. Most backups do not protect open files. Online-Backup if you copy open files. This functionality is perfect for files that are open for applications such as Outlook.
  • Unlimited Users and computers for each company. Online-Backup allows you to create as many users in your organization as you wish. Also, each user can install on as many computers as you need. Users can only access their own documents.
  • Optimized to consume fewer resources. The agent online backup software works in the background with low priority. This allows use of computer resources when these are more idle, to do the backup. In addition to adjust the available bandwidth and can temporarily pause the copy.


You can retrieve copy and save wherever and whenever you want! Your documents are always available immediately and permanently from any computer connected to the Internet by simply running the agent software.

High Security

Documents are encrypted on your computer using AES256 encryption technology, the strongest. The encrypted data is also transmitted through a secure connection and stored encrypted on secure servers Only the security password, unique to each user can see and retrieve. Your valuable data is safe with online backup.


It is no news that you will need to proceed fast when you want to retrieve a folder. With the most powerful technology, time and simplicity for recovery is just away a very few "clicks". Apart of gaining benefits, you will be able to have optimum download speed and reconstruction.

How many times have you changed a document and then you remember that the old one was useful. What if you need to retrieve an older version? Online-Backup automatically saves 5 versions of the same document, however you can choose to save between 1 and 10 different versions of a document, so they are always available.

Ease of Use

The best part is, there is no need to remember tasks such as uploading or copying any changed documents. No need to initialize full backups, incremental, and that kind of cumbersome tasks. It is really a fantastic service you can forget about. Moreover, from the management portal, the best backup solutions allows you to adjust your settings, create additional users, assign GB, monitor the status of backup, including many other functions. Get ready to register your own domain at a low cost. There are many extensions to choose from such as org., net, biz, info and.

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