Why register your domains with private whois?

Why register your domains with private whois? A domain is the cornerstone of Shrinking of any web project and often the ignorance of some terms can create confusion.

A domain is a name or mark that identifies a business or organization online. By registering your name you will prevent others from using it. By registering your name with private whois you become filed in the systems of the respective agencies ICANN delegates. Thus achieving that their pages will be located on your domain name from anywhere in the world in seconds.

How it works?

The registration of a domain name means automatically agreeing that in the WHOIS will list your name, address, email address and phone number under the name of your domain. Everything works under the rules and regulations of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) any available at the WHOIS database of a domain name. This became an opportunity and freedom for hackers, spammers and other con artists who use this information for illegal activities. At least you will be exposed to unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) email messages and other unwanted telemarketing calls.

The services of privacy protection for domains or Whois Protect allow you to protect your data from public view and therefore unwanted applications, fraud and territorial domains. Many things are focused on further displayed for countries that were created, while the generic (. com,. net, etc) will end showing "if material" throughout the world. This does not mean that a. Is not shown in Argentina, Chile or Peru, but it will be much more difficult to do that with .Com.


The only drawback is that we are absolutely certain that it will cost far more to find a name. Therefore, and due to the public Internet we have today, the best option is to choose a good territorial and easy to remember. We can also use known names, often those responsible for such sites do not bother to record all areas of your project, leaving open the option to benefit from names alone are going to report a number of important visits.

It is true that if we do a good job of positioning everything starts working quickly. But if we do not invest anything in the project, most likely ended up seeing someone who will invest and we copy it. If we are fully confident that our project will work, and that is something new and striking, try to invest a bit in promotion and implementation, at least to get them to spread the net. This will ensure fast profit.

Try to register the maximum possible extensions to prevent anyone take advantage of your future success and invest wisely. This effort is absolutely worth it. Consider private whois and get going.

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