How to speed up my WordPress site?

Are you wondering How to speed up my WordPress site to load faster? There are many reasons that make WordPress one of the best content management systems today, with a versatility and efficiency that have earned him his extraordinary popularity. But it could not be perfect, and has some weaknesses which fortunately can be solved with some work.

One of the more delicate is the issue of speed of loading pages managed by the CMS, which published the successive versions have improved but without debugging at all. This is a rather delicate because a slow web user may end up tired; doing so will reduce our visits. If this issue bothers you, here you take a list of tips to speed up Wordpress and make your page load faster:

  • Plugin cache: The first advice is the most obvious but no less necessary. The way this manager is designed in some cases causes server requests are made slightly heavy, but installing WP Super Cache able to avoid enough of them to automatically generate dynamic HTML content on our site. A classic that never fails.
  • Keep updated WordPress: Another tip quite logical but that not everyone has in mind is to keep the manager updated version of our always up to date version available, as this will cause us to benefit from the improvements the developers be implemented . This may be a bit tedious at times, especially when in a few months published several updates a row, but worth the effort.
  • Use only essential plugins: Everyone goes to occasionally find interesting and install plugins to see what results we get, but not always delete remember when we fail to find them useful. That means that, if we are not careful, eventually we end up having a large collection of plugins installed and unused that is slowing down our page, so you detect and remove those extensions that no longer serve us very useful. As in the previous section, have the plugins updated to its latest version helps.
  • Select a property to the height: Not all web hosts offer the same features and functionality, and in the case of WordPress have to take into account their "needs" individuals. One point which I highly recommend is the use of Linux based Apache servers, for those using Microsoft IIS just giving many problems with this manager and offers much lower performance. Other aspects to consider are the availability of an extremely updated version of PHP and resources as widely as possible (transfer, number of databases, etc.).

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Last but not least, remember that our website design has a significant influence on the loading rate. This includes lighten the weight of the images to optimize CSS code, to reduce as far as possible the use of javascript and a number of basic steps that contribute to weight loss program to our site.

Sometimes we notice that our wordpress blog takes too long to load. Well there is a simple solution that allows us to speed up loading of our site by compressing files that are sent from server to clients. With this improvement we can compress up to 75% the size of the page.

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