Is Drupal easy to optimize for search engines?

Is Drupal easy to optimize for search engines? The optimization is to implement improvements that increase the responsiveness of the software. However, most have a cost optimization for reliability and maintainability. It is not hard, yet, you need patience.
Get to know tips that are useful for those who have to take into account the limitations and restrictions of shared hosting. In a shared server you cannot access the server configuration (of course, is shared), and you may certainly have limitations on the size and number of simultaneous connections to the database. Keep reading to learn how to begin.

Check the information of PHP

To start you need to know what settings your host or be in complete darkness. It's easy to have and not be afraid of the amount of information to which you have access, learn a configuration at a time and not worry about knowing everything at once.
If you have not installed Drupal, do so now, and work on it directly. Create a new page, type the following text "" (Without quotes), select the input format "PHP code" (make sure the option "PHP filter" is on your list modules), clear all the publishing options (do not want anyone to see this information) and save the page.

Get to know all you need about a server. Check, for example, that register_globals is off = 0. If Drupal is running probably is off. Read on to learn more information you can find on this page. It is recommended to delete this page when you finish because you will not expose the server settings accidentally.  

Setting up the PHP environment

In a shared hosting, there should not be access to the php.ini file for the server to be configured; so, you have to use the htaccess file. Open the file. Htaccess is at the root of your Drupal installation. Remember that on your computer, this file is likely hidden and you may not find it in a local installation of Drupal (though the file is located in the root). Get rid of doubts to avoid future issues.

After doing all these complex operations, do not forget the simple actions that keep everything flowing quickly:

Disable all modules and do not forget to uninstall and update the database. For each module installed Drupal will have a little more work, even if the modules are not being used!
Remember that each block, image, animation or application that you put on a page have the same effect of making the site slower. Use them sparingly.

Identify bottlenecks

Before we optimize identify bottlenecks, which are the sections of the application on which rests the greater cost of processing. We have different tools to measure system performance. Here are some:

Apache benchmarks

A good practice is to perform benchmarks to all routes of our site to find out what is being offered a worse response. Proceed thoroughly and deal with every aspect carefully. Follow hints and get the best out of your web.

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