Is web host server location important?

Is web host server location important? Internet is a huge tree whose branches extend to infinity, but it only has 13 solid roots, ten of them in the United States: are the root name servers (DNS Root Servers). If someone damages them, the great network that is Internet could be gone.

In addition to these 13 major servers, there are copies in different locations of these root servers. Espanix, for example, is a copy of one of the 13 large servers (F) and includes the association that keeps most of the Internet traffic.

What is a Root Server?

Why are root servers important? The 13 root servers are a part of the triumvirate known by the people of the ICANN Root Nameserver System. The other two components are the DNS protocol and the file root zone file maintained by Network Solutions, one of the servers, and is accessible from any of the remaining 13.  
The 13 machines are responsible for translating domain names (like to IP addresses, ie a list of numbers incomprehensible style, then the reverse. All computers on the network use these numbers to transmit data. Each time you enter a web address in their browser or e-mail message, you are using a DNS server (your ISP) to translate human addresses to their corresponding numbers. All DNS servers in the network depend on the root servers and the rest of the system to do its job.

The Root Zone File

The root zone file is a container file directory, which includes information on the names of top-level domain (TLD,. Com,. Org, etc.). The 13 servers provide access to this file so that all DNS operations of the network are carried out correctly. But not only are essential to browse or send mail. To register a domain you must have at least two DNS servers.

In total, the 13 machines are 7 different hardware platforms, with 8 different operating systems, from 5 sellers. Of course, all are variants of UNIX, employs no Microsoft software. It is very important that they do not stop working, but it seems that considering the amount of traffic handled by each one, if 40% falls, the survivors could take over the whole network until the problem would be resolved.

Geographical distribution of the 13 servers 10 in United States, 1 in Stockholm (Sweden), 1 in London (United Kingdom) and one in Japan. The geographic distribution of these 13 data servers reflects the American origin of the Network: 10 of them are in the United States. Only three are outside its borders: one in Stockholm, one in London and one in Japan. Within the United States, the distribution is somewhat peculiar: 6 servers are concentrated at a point very close to Washington and the West Coast, specifically in California, are 4 servers.


The 13 servers are called by the first thirteen letters of the alphabet, and are held from 9 different agencies and independent corporations, mainly universities, private companies and organizations related to the U.S. Army. About half depends on U.S. public organizations. The server A, the first and most important, guardianship Network Solutions, a U.S. company was acquired by Verisign. This old monopoly registrar retains certain privileges of that era, the two most important are the manager of the WhoIs database and have control of the root to the Internet.

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