How to select a cheap Dedicated Hosting?

The use of a dedicated server may be a necessity for a website.  This is usually due to extraneous use of server resources such as storage, memory and bandwidth.  Of course many of the dedicated hosting packages are usually expensive for many clients.  The possibility of finding quality options that are still available on the cheap are usually a difficult thing unless you know what to look for.  The following are all major things to consider when selecting a cheap dedicated hosting option:

Choose the right configuration

Server OS - The server operating system should be the option that you need to have for the websites or applications that will be using the server.  Most hosting services that offer dedicated hosting will allow you to choose from a variety of options when you are choosing their dedicated option.

CPU - The CPU needs to be a fast option to be able to handle everything that is happening on the server.  Most dedicated servers that are affordable will have a generous amount of processing power but will not be the top of the line.  Always choose an option that is appropriate for the needs of the website(s) that are placed on the dedicated hosting plan.

Memory - Memory is very important because it allows for the random access of memory whenever it is needed.  A cheap dedicated hosting service needs to offer enough memory to process websites, applications, databases and anything else that will be using memory from the server.  Cheap servers will tend to have lower memory options available so they may not be suitable for some websites.

Bandwidth - Bandwidth transfer is an important thing to consider.  A website that is going to have a lot of traffic will want to have more bandwidth available to help cover the month.  Some dedicated hosting options are limited to a certain amount of transfer per month.  Others may offer an unlimited option to their customers which make it possible to not worry about how much traffic the website receives.

Control Panel - The control panel is where the client will have access to the bare bones of the server so that they can configure it as needed.  It is important to use a control panel that makes it possible to configure the server exactly as needed.  The main options that are available are usually Plesk and cPanel which are the leaders in control panel software.
Setup Fees - Most cheap options in dedicated hosting will require a setup fee.  This is something that can cost a great deal of money with some hosting services to cover the costs of implementing the low end servers on their networks.  Some companies may not have a setup fee so researching which options are best for the consumer may be necessary.

Support - Finally support is also necessary when the server is dedicated.  An additional hand at solving configuration problems is always welcome and not having to completely manage the server is the best option, especially if the client has never controlled a server before.

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