Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting

Award for Best Web Hosting - 2010

JustHost INC

JustHost is a top quality hosting company, which got the Best Web Hosting Award in 2010 from us, for the great hosting features, excellent price and superior support. Keep up guys!

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Award for Best Web Hosting - 2009

JustHost INC

JustHost has been providing web hosting service since 2008. In only one year, JustHost have proven to their customers and competition that they are a  strong web hosting company, even if they are new.

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How to choose the best hosting?

It is difficult to always know which option is the best web hosting option that is available for the consumer to take advantage of for their website creation needs.  The important things to discuss are always what are available in the plans.  Many companies offer various options and some even provide free hosting as well.  As a consumer, anyone choosing to make a purchase for webhosting needs to consider what is available in each plan and whether or not it fits their budget and is necessary for their website to operate correctly.

These are the common hosting plan options available through various companies:

Business Hosting - Business hosting is often one of the best options that are available for websites that need a large amount of resources to function correctly.  The plan is called business hosting because it is designed to offer enough resources for most moderately sized businesses to be able to operate resource intensive websites and other server side applications that they may need for their business site.  These are often not cheap but remain affordable for businesses as they usually have larger budgets than the normal consumer.

Cheap Hosting - Cheap hosting options are usually named "home", "budget" and various other options and are very affordable for consumers.  The cost is very low and a generous amount of hosting resources is usually offered with such plans.  These are best suited for websites that will be for personal use or do not need to have large amounts of resources available to them to function properly.  Of course these types of hosting plans may be very generous for their cheap price but they are not reliable enough to be used for professional websites because they are not as dedicated as business hosting plans.

Free Hosting - Free hosting plans are often one of the best options that are available for clients that are looking to not spend any money to have a website.  The main problem with free websites is the fact that they are usually not customizable in terms of web domain.  They will provide very few resources and may not be very reliable with down time issues.  These are the options which should only be used for websites that do not need to be up all the time and only need minimal resources.  Of course they are not always available from high quality web hosting services.

The main thing that anyone needs to consider is what type of website they will be creating.  In essence the professional, larger and more resource intensive websites should use a business type web hosting plan.  General websites will be fine with a cheap webhosting service and they will usually have the option to upgrade to better plans including business options whenever their sites become large in the future.  Staring with a cheap option is always a great option to try.  Free hosting plans are not recommended unless it is the only option available to the client and should be avoided when possible.

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