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b2evolution hostingb2evolution hosting is a niche web hosting centered around a multi-user, multilingual and multi-blog publishing platform, b2evolution and it is distributed under the GNU General Public License, thus it is free to use and modify.

Several plug-ins have been created for the software, such as extensions enabling you to include third-party text editors and also add functionality offered by such popular sites as MySpace, YouTube or Digg.
b2evolution hosting is most probably the most complete and wide-ranging hosted blog solution currently available on the market.

Benefits of 2bevolution Hosting

There are certain valuable blogging platforms, but b2evolution hosting has more benefits than the competitors. This dynamic web publishing tool offers a lot of benefits to a wide range of user, such as:

New Users – b2evolution is the ideal tool for users who never had a blog or any other kind of website, as you just have to type the content of your article, click on the “Post This’ button and the article is instantly published on your site. Your every post is automatically positioned and categorized within the theme, thus it is very easy to organize your content.

Intermediate Users – if you are already accustomed with the Blogosphere, you should not have problems switching to the b2evolution hosting environment. The software will also allow you to run several blogs or news feeds to keep your audience well informed. It offers the same features as other popular platforms, such as TypePad or Blogger, but with the extra benefit of you hosting the software on your own domain.

Advanced Users – b2evolution has many tools which are perfect for experienced users, including the ability to integrate your favorite text editors and confirm your posts with a built-in XHTML validation tool. Because the software is based on LAMP server technology, experienced users can use the power of MySQL and PHP to make the most out of their blogging experience.

IT Experts – unlike most other blog platforms, b2evolution works more like a CMS with superior capabilities, as it enables you to develop multiple blogs, split content from the presentation of your blog and classify back-end items in hierarchical way. You can also allow others to play a role with wide user management options and a permission system typically found only in more strong CMS products.

b2evolution Hosting Features

b2evolution hosting seems to offer a great number of features which are highly competitive compared to other competing system. Below are just some of the most significant features:

Spam Protection – you can have a spam comments free blog environment with a combination of anti-spam mechanism, which includes such features as blacklisting or CAPTCHA to stop comments from automated bot programs.

Multiple Theme Support – a b2evolution hosting package means you are no longer stuck with the same old boring presentation, as there are numerous themes available online, in free and paid versions as well. These themes are responsible not only for the appearance and feel of your site, but also for it behavior. For instance, you might go for a theme appropriate for a traditional blog, a general knowledge base or a bug tracker.

Built-in Web Stat Tools – another great advantage over the competition is an incorporated utility which displays your blog statistics in an easy to read activity graph. As a result you have essential insight about RSS readers and search engine bots, know the keyword used to find your website and much more.


b2evolution hosting is concentrated on a quick and easy installation of the software. Actually, it can be installed on any server configuration, based on PHP and MySQL, including Windows and Linux. Although manual installations are easy, the entire process gets even easier through an application installer.

Regardless of the method of your choice, you’ll have the advantage of a fast installation, because the configuration file does not require any editing. The needed configuration is completed by the installer or from your administrative back-end. With the proper service provider you can make the most out of your b2evolution hosting making quite an impact within the blogosphere.

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