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ASP Web HostingHosting has been a solid business ever since the development of the worldwide web and over the years a substantial advancement has taken place. It is the same thing with hosting, which started from the simple hosting that was offered by a few companies, while now there are numerous companies offering the same thing in all over the world. The type of hosting also developed and such terms as dedicated hosting was a surprise for the world. Now, hosting has been classified into various categories, ASP hosting is one of these categories.

Active Server Page Hosting

ASP hosting, or Active Server Page Hosting, was always present next to PHP hosting, as it is its closest competitor. The main difference is that the ASP.NET is based on the Microsoft’s .NET framework and the PHP, similar to Linux operating system is open sourced. It means that ASP net hosting will always be upgraded when Microsoft updates their system. The other obvious thing about the .NET Framework is the fact that it supports all languages, meaning every language can be used in cooperation with other languages.

Now you might be wondering how ASP hosting can help you progress and have success. It is simple, as after getting familiar with all the basic features, ASP will not remain a mystery anymore, but it will reveal the huge possibilities that it holds. ASP hosting will give you the Windows based web hosting ASP access. Windows ASP hosting will be your one and only option when we are talking about the web hosting ASP net. Microsoft is the creator of Windows and the ASP.NET Framework, thus they promote their products and no other web hosting asp net based on Linux platform can offer you asp hosting sites.

Let’s talk about the possibilities you get when you choose the asp net hosting package. First, as with any other hosting package, certain basic things are the same, along with the compulsory Windows requirement previously mentioned, will also have SQL and other scripting support. This will enable developers to come up with innovative solutions with the support of scripting languages. Let’s see why was needed for web hosting ASP SQL in order to make a dynamic page.

As it is known, HTML only allows static pages to be created, being a page on which no information from the user can be collected and linked to the databases. A basic example of the ASP NET hosting site example is the Dell official site and the Lego official site as they are based on ASP hosting. You will first notice that it is Java based, also supported on the .NET framework. Another thing you will notice is that the information is on a bigger scale and that it has a shopping cart option, user login and data saving record. As a developer you are aware of that all the things mentioned above require a database to manage and update. Regarding the list of products, as the user searches for a product, the entire database is looked upon and as the data is located, the result is displayed. It is followed by the buying and selling part, products price, quantity, size and various other aspects are saved again in a database. First, the result will be displayed and if the transaction is successfully completed by the user, the database is updated at the same time. It is followed by the user registration process and in case the user asks for a new membership, the data – name, address and numbers – is saved in a record and in the case of a returning customer, the data is searched and the found data is displayed. Although these data are taken by the user, the database is located in the server, so the data is sent to the server and the information is received from the server regarding the results.

The process might seem easy, but in terms of development they require a great deal of programming.
ASP web hosting performs these functions very well, but this is from where things get complicated. As the pages and the scripting becomes rather long and the database consulting takes a long time, you’ll notice that your bandwidth, speed and resources are quickly used up, you need to constantly upgrade your ASP server. As the systems and techniques advance, the overall speed of web hosting ASP.NET increase, but until then there are certain things to be considered. First, as a developer or who has hired a developer to write the code, you should know the value of your site. Although most people go for a cheap asp hosting package and an asp hosting company that offers you shared resources, it is not the best option. The Windows platform on the server eats up a lot of resources, thus with the limited bandwidth and space, you site will be mostly down, meaning the money and effort involved in the making of the site were simply wasted. There are some free asp net hosting offers available on the market, which sometimes might be fruitful but it might also be extremely damaging to your site, which is down almost all the time, causing you financial damages.

You can learn about the best asp hosting from various ranking sites, where every couple of days or on the launch of a new package the statistics are repositioned and the new results are displayed on the web. With the best ASP.NET hosting you will receive Windows as your primary and only operating system, followed by databases support and the SQL or other offered services. The best ASP web hosting package will also include first-rate and reliable space, bandwidth and provided servers. As these facilities are usually dedicated servers or private virtual servers it is advisable that you don’t choose the cheapest package. All the time and effort spent on the site will be useless if the site is inaccessible. Dedicated servers present advantages in terms of bandwidth, space and system.

Next in line are the support and the forums, blogs and the available help for the user. As we are dealing with a Microsoft’s registered system, the available support is just huge.  Numerous articles can be found regarding the way to organize and program your site in ASP. For instance, MSDN library is the biggest Microsoft project to help its user, plus there is a special section reserved for the ASP. It is one of the advantages of ASP over the PHP, which is an open sourced program, and we are talking about an advantage that is always available.

Well, to sum things up, the first thing ASP hosting provides is that it develops dynamic pages and also makes the site extravagant and attractive. Nevertheless, to achieve that, a certain amount of expertise is needed to program and make the site according to the demands of the user. Next, ASP hosting is made on the .NET framework which holds numerous advantageous. Next are the requirements, which are basically the major disadvantage of ASP hosting as it specifically asks Windows ASP hosting. Next is the available help and support which is the greatest advantage of ASP over PHP. The support will always be there, because Microsoft will continue to come up with new developments, improvement and upgrade packages. The user’s expectations are higher and higher, it is no longer just about using ASP but PHP as well, reason why the hosting plans are elaborated in new way. People will keep learning about the ASP hosting as it will always be used, in collaboration or as an independent scripting language. ASP is among the most innovative scripting languages that is going to be better and better in the near future. Although, sometimes ASP is neglected, it will always return with one feature or the other. For people who will learn it well enough will consider it a valuable knowledge, which can be used in different areas and might represent the ticker for success and future development. Knowledge is the most important asset and people who will learn about the most recent techniques, will definitely rise higher than the rest of the pack.

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