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InMotion Hosting


CNET Certified Business Class Hosting 99.9% uptime Guarantee
Multiple Data Centers for up to 6x faster speeds
24/7 US based support. 90 Days Money back Guarantee

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allow to host unlimited domains and databases free domain name
$450 of FREE extras super fast servers and professional support

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Fat Cow


unlimited domain hosting and MySQL databases
free domain for life, $75 advertising credits
99.9% uptime guarantee, fast hosting support

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Just Host


host unlimited websites and MySQL databases
free domain for life, $75 free advertising credits
anytime money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee

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Web HostingHub


host unlimited websites, blogs and email addresses
free premium website builder and script installer
90 days full refund, 24/7 in house US support

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Web Hosting Reviews

After a lot of analyzing and searching for the best web hosting providers we made a list with top 5 hosting companies. All hosts are offering unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. With every new hosting plan, customer will get a free domain name for choice. Most companies offer free advertising credits on Google, Yahoo, Miva or other advertising networks.

There are many hosting companies that offer high quality service with unlimited resources. The most important thing choosing a web-hosting provider is to know what am I expecting from, and for what am I need their service.

Choosing the best web host is the first and important step in the online business. It's very important for your site and business to be online 24/7/365 so will need a very good and fast technical support as well. Most providers offer free advertising resources for faster business evolution.

Web Hosting Service

There are many types of hosting services, here are the most common hosting plans you can choose from:

Shared Web Hosting

What is a shared web hosting? This is the most used type of hosting in the market. We need to know that shared hosting host multiple web sites on the same server, same location, on the same ip address.

This popular hosting service come with many advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of shared hosting is that is very cheap. While other hosting plans like dedicated or vps cost around $200-$500 a month, a shared hosting will only cost about $2-$10 a month. This is a large difference.

Shared HostingThe other main advantage is that don’t required high technical capabilities to maintenance the server, each account have a very simple, user friendly admin control panel, where users can easy manage their domains, scripts or databases. And all these great things for free. This will gives users more free time to focus on web design or business planning.

The main problem of the shared hosting is the lack responsibility of the hosting providers, that want to get higher profit neglecting the servers capacity and squeeze as many users they can on the same server. This will turn into a big chaos. Other problem that is not under the customer control is the security, because they will never know what other sites are doing on their shared server, if the server was undergone to an attack or the IP of the server was blacklisted because of other websites.

So if you are thinking to buy a shared web hosting you should make a search to get the perfect shared hosting for your website, or you can choose from our top listed hosting companies.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

As the name implies, a dedicated web server means that data of your website is not shared on the same computer with other clients. This means that you can make custom hardware and software configuration for the server that you will rent. This is a very good option when your business website need some specific requirements. You also benefit the full resource of the high performance server, while don’t need to share it whit other clients, that can consume the processor, memory or web space.

Dedicated HostingA dedicated server is not limited to one single website, it allow to host all your websites on the same hardware. With this option you will reduce the costs, all sites can be managed form one single account, and can concentrate more on other strategies of your business.

Using a dedicated web hosting your business website affords a great amount of security and privacy than on shared hosting. You will reduce the risk of the attacks and can offer a higher trust and protection of your clients data.

The single problem of a dedicated web server is the price. The higher monthly cost of dedicated hosting service scare most of the clients. If you want a quality dedicated server for an affordable price you should make a very long and deep search or you can choose one from our dedicated serves top list.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server is like a shared hosting, with few main differences. The VPS is a setup where user share server with other clients, but each client have a small operation system that can be rebooted and managed independently.

VPS HostingWhy should I choose VPS if it’s basically like shared hosting? If you own a website that have a lot of traffic, data transfer and hosted information, and don’t have a budget for a dedicated hosting service, but shared hosting can’t support your site anymore, you should get a VPS hosting. This is the best choice when you need higher security, more accessibility to your server and to the hosting account, and want to save some money.

With VPS hosting, one thing is clear: you get what you want and what you pay for, but you should choose a reliable hosting company, that have experience and trust offering this service, because many want just to pay for the same shared account, that they call VPS.

If you want to avoid this kind of inconvenience please take a look to our top listed VPS Hosting.


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